Girlz Day
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        *NEW**!! Come in and 

 build your new Girlz Day PAWFECT BEAR!! Dress your Bear as glamerous as you are!! You and your new pawfect bear can experiance a magical Glam Day together!!      


**New Pawfect Bear Runway Party-$300 ( 8 guest..$25 each adittional guest)

  If your princess and her guest would enjoy a new pawfect bear companion, this would be the pawfect party for you!!! Girls will get to stuff their new pawfect bear, then choose a new fashion outfit and hair accessory  for their Bear...Then our fashion stars will get make up done and sparkle spray....Finishing with a runway fashion show with their Pawfect Bear and 30 minute's in our private cake room...

**** What would be more magical then having Princess *Elsa*from Frozen!!  appear for a meet and greet, dancing and much more with your little ice princess!!

$70.00 add on to any party..


New!!! FROZEN Theme Party and Glam Package !!!

Come along with us on this snowy trail and become our Girlz Day Frozen Ice Princess!!!!

GIRLZ DAY NEWS EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT! 'GIRLZ DAY 2 GO' Throwing a Party at Home... Have our GLAM GIRLZ or CINDERELLA come to your event and glam your Fashionista and her Girls..... CALL FOR MORE INFO (732) 874-3530

Gift Certificates Available!!   

Invitations Availabe!! 

Princess chocolate covered lollipops.. A great add on for your Girlz Day Party!!

Give your fashionista a makeover with costumes and accessories from Girlz Day in Brick, NJ. At Girlz Day, we provide your princess with a glittery makeover, costumes and themed activities on our awesome runway! It's our goal to make it her " Best Experience Ever!'

                           Fun Themed Parties!!

Frozen party- $360.00 for 8 girls ($23.00 each add girl!!)- Your Ice Princess will be glammed up like their favorite Frozen Princess, and crowned frozen Ice princesses of Girlz Day and finishing with dancing for your frozen Ball!!

Tea party - $240.00 for 8 girls ( $18.00 each add girl!)

Girlz will be dazzled with a mini makeover, followed by accessories from our fashion trunk. The celebration continues with music, dancing and a fashion show on our awesome runway! Then our diva's will finish with a 30 minute tea party with ice tea and cookies.

Fashionista- $ 275.00 for 8 girls ( $18.00 each add girl!)

These fashion girls will start their modeling debut with a sparkling makeover from head to toe. Show off  your new look with your  BFF's with a Girlz Day fashon debut on our runway and ends with a group pose photo. Finishing the night with a 30 minute after party.

Royal princess- $300.00 for 8 girls ($18.00 each add girl)

Your little princess and her royal court will be glammed from head to toe. Then off to choose a princess dress of their choice. A crowning ceremony awaits the princess and her party guest, where her dreams turn into reality. Finishing the night with a Royal Ball and feasting fun! 

Fairytale Fairy- $330.00 for 8 girls ($23.00 each add girl)

It's a fairy world full of fun! Fairies will start with a magical makeover, then off to a magical Halo ceremony. Followed by fairy dancing and a fairy parade! Enjoy your favorite fairy treats for 30 minutes in our cake room.

Rock Out Super Star- $340.00 for 8 girls ($23.00 each add girl)

Our rock stars will start off with a glittery makeover with a fun hair accessory, and a costume of their choice. The birthday star chooses her favorite song as the stage is set and the fans are cheering just for her! The memory last forever of their awesome performance. The celebration continues in our party room for 30 minutes.

Dream Spa Girl- $350.00 for 8 girls ( $23.00 each add girl)

Enjoy a birthday of spa pampering! Each spa girl will start with a relaxing mini facial and mini hand treatment. Then off to get their nails polished, makeup & fashion up do. Finishing the night with a sparkling cider toast and dancing on our awesome runway. Remember your dream spa day ends with a spa-tacular photo of you and your friends as well as 30 minutes in our private cake room! 

* Have a Boy coming to your party... No problem..

Boys will get their hair colored with color spray and get to choose an accessory ( swords, guitars, hats & much more), to join the fun!

$15.00 each boy, they can be added to any party, mini party, or glam package!!

                                          Glam packages**!!

Girlz Day is known for it's awesome Glam makeovers!! Have a special occasion or just want a Girlz Day out, then our glam packages are perfect for you. packages include a glam makeover, costumes, and runway time, plus a special accessory and tasty treat. Finishing with a photo in a Girlz Day portfolio of your special day!!

* Princess for a day: $ 35.00 per girl !

*Fairy for a day: $40.00 per girl !

*Rock out super star: $43.00 per girl !

*Spa girl: $45.00 per girl !

*Girlz Day Package: $50.00 per girl !

                               Mini Parties!!

Mini parties receive all that our parties offer,  from getting glammed up to showing your new look off on our awesome runway. Mini Parties are only done Monday-Friday,  including 4 guest. If you have additional guest it's $30.00 each add girl !

*Parties starting at $ 135.00 !

* All Mini Parties include a personal take home!

* A tasty treat!

* A group photo for the birthday girl !

* All paper prodects included !

Finish your unforgettable party with a  PRINCESS appearance, she will come out and greet your little princess....followed by dancing and runway fun with a princess !!!

princess appearance $60.00



Visit us today at Brick, NJ to see our unique retail collection that has perfect gifts for that special someone!

Our office hours are:Tuesday- Friday 1:00 pm - 06:30  Saturday-Sunday 11:00-5:30 ( parties can be booked any day from 11:00am- 8:00pm)


Girlz Day will Be Closed On Thanksgiving and Friday.... We would like to wish you and your families a fun and safe Holliday....